Friday, 27 December 2013

An explanation...

for my absence.

I have been thinking about you all, really.  But I haven't even had time to hop on to the computer to check out your posts, let alone comment or write a post myself.

It is due, in part, to the untimely passing of a gentle, kind lady at the age of 52.  She was the Mum of a young man who works for us.  But she was more than that as, through him, I feel I can count her amongst my friends and I was very fond of her.

She passed away on the 10th December and since then I have been helping to work his shifts to allow him some time to begin to get his head round this and make the inevitable arrangements.

Today I went with him to see her, resplendent in her wicker basket.  We celebrate her life on Monday with a send off true to her, featuring, not flowers, but balloons.... and the dress code?  PINK!

And so to her I dedicate this post and this picture....

....with love, Angela.


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