Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Pinaddicts Challenge - October 2012

WELCOME!  Thank you so much for popping in.

Well, here we are again...as happy as can be.....

I love this time of the month......Challenge Time!!!! YAY!

My chosen subject came from Pinterest, but had no tutorial or anything as the blog it came from closed and went somewhere else :(

Here is the picture.....

Some time ago I won 2 pints of buttons on an EBAY auction...they were a mixed bag (or glass!) of wooden, leather, metal and plastic.  Many from the 1940's, 50's and 60's.  The sorts of things I remember on my Nanny's coats and cardigans.

Also some time ago I bought a blind from Next.  Perfect colours but when I came to hang it it had a wonky side and was FAR to long.  I set about undoing it so that it fitted in the recess of my landing window, un-wonked the sides and chopped a great load of the bottom!
What do you think?

Well, this bottom bit I hacked off was nice fabric, far to good to just throw away, so I stashed it for a rainy day!

AND.... the rainy day arrived (well lots of them actually if you've been in the UK for the summer!).  I took the left over blind fabric from my fabric stash and cut a suitably sized piece, some interesting buttons from my button stash and a range of green floss from my floss stash.

I found an old hoop used for cross stitching.  I found some felt.  I used the inside ring of the hoop as a template on the felt a marked around the inside of the ring onto the felt and cut out the circle.  I put this to one side for later.

I laid out my buttons roughly where I wanted them on my blind fabric, shifted them a bit, swapped a few round and when satisfied with the look used yellow floss to sew the buttons on so that they all had the same centres .  I used my various green colours to make back stitched stems.  I swapped around the colours so no two the same colour were together and then sewed little chain stitches for random leaves.

Once finished I turned to the back and pushed the rim of fabric at the back over the inside rind of the hoop, laid the felt on top and slip stitched the felt to the edge of the fabric.

I found some lovely red gingham ribbon....yes, in my ribbon stash.  I made a loop over the tightening mechanism on the hoop.  Separately I used another length of ribbon and tied it around the loop and made a bow to finish it off all pretty and kitsch!

So wanna see my finished article?  Of course you do!

I am so extremely, dizzily, Over-The-Moon pleased with this!  Ready......?

OK, Ta-DAAHH!......

I hope you like it.  It now takes pride of place in my lounge.....not in a flashy, showy place, but it is there (one of only 2 things hanging in the lounge at the moment!).

If you can sew, you can do this.  It might be, like me, a stash busting project that won't cost you a penny, just some time gathering up stuff.  If this isn't recycling or upcycling....I don't know what is!

I'm linking up to the PinAddicts Challenge for October, why not hop on over there and see what other wonders have been created....or enter something yourself.  If not this month then look on your Pinterest boards, pop it in your diary and join us next month for some creative crafting, blogging, swapping, admiring, commenting and general fun!

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  1. Wow, this looks amazing!!! I've just bought hoops at the Craft Fair to do something similar, aah it looks fab!

    Thanks so much for linking up and for the PinAddicts punt too! Kerry xx

  2. Now isn't that the prettiest thing! Delicate and lovely - even spring-like at the beginning of autumn...

  3. I love it. So simple but so effective. Actually it won't be simple for me! :D

  4. This is so pretty and I don't normally do buttons- buttons usually mean having to make buttonholes and they just scare me!!!

  5. LOVE it!! Its so pretty. I am so going to make one of those. Thanks for your comments re pen rolls. Make sure you send me a photo if you make one. Just hope the instructions makes sense!! xx

  6. That is absolutely gorgeous and I have plenty of stuff stacked up for this waiting for something to do with it.

  7. That is so pretty! I love all your different buttons.

  8. It looks really lovely - what a clever thrifty idea!

    Pomona x

  9. This looks really pretty. Lovely make :) x


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