Monday, 2 July 2012

Pinaddicts Challenge - July 2012

Again...what to do....what to do....?

I don't know came the reply!

Hummffff! *finger drumming*

I have a few things on the boil at the moment.....and somewhere along the line, the inspiration has bound to have come from a blog (I've almost given up on magazines and almost entirely read blogs and pin gorgeous things to make on Pinterest..... it's saving SOOOOOO much storage space!)

Then as I surfed my boards an idea popped up......

It all began months ago with our very own, lovely Louise Horler whose blog is Sew Scrumptious ....I'm not quite sure how it happened now...but I read her blog about Little Dresses for Africa...don't know about it?

Look here!!

Anyway...I decided to hold a charity 'Sew-In', however, I became quite ill and wasn't able to hold the 'Sew-In'...BUT....being at home, I did have time and energy (sometimes) to whip up a few dresses, moreso in the last month.

I've had this one on Pinterest to keep me inspired......

It's from Bow Mama Hairbows..... isn't it sweet!

Anyhow.....I hope my Pinaddicts Challenge buddies and Louise won't mind a shameless plug for this cause and sharing my dress reveal!

Most of the fabric was from my ENOURMOUS stash which has remained hidden for years!  (Lost my sewing mojo!) The pink check fabric was supposed to be a dress for me (decades ago!!), but I can't tell you the pleasure it gave me to chop it up!

My Aunt gave me miles of elastic and some bias binding, I won more bias binding on an Ebay auction!

I took the instructions and templates from Louise's blog.

I just can't hold back anymore.........

I'm far too excited!!!!!!!



I'm sorry that this months entry isn't very photo-y, but I didn't take any as I went along with these....however....if you want to see some photos-as-we-go, take a look back at this from February.

This is my little roll before it was packaged up and sent to Louise......

I hope the little girls like their dresses....'every little girl deserves a pretty dress'.

I hope it inspires you to have a go, they are easy, if you don't sew...find a friend that does and buy them the makings of one dress and ply them with tea & cake whilst they make it for you!!

Louise...the dresses will be with you soon with very much love.

Nora xx

P.S. This post will pop up whilst I am on my way home from a weekend with my Hub....I will update it with the BlogHop/Linky details for the Pinaddicts Challenge when I return.....if in doubt look up Louise at Sew Scrumptious as she usually takes part!  Thanks! xx

P.P.S. We're back and the link is here, take a peek and enjoy! xx


  1. OMG!! They are gorgeous!! Thank you so much. I love that you made some for the Pinterest Challenge. Thank you for the lovely mention. Thats made my day!! FABULOUS dresses!! Can't wait to see them. Louise xxx

  2. oh you clever clever thing - they are BEAUTIFUL! The little girls will love them so much. Thanks for entering our challenge too!

  3. WOW! Fab work for a Fabulous cause. Well done you! Hope you and hub had lovely w'end too X

    1. Sadly the weekend became Friday night. Unfortunately we lost our childcare, but my Mum kindly had the girls so that we could go for a meal to Cote Brasserie (£10 each!), it was lovely....then we came home for a night on the sofabed watching rubbish films!

      Back to normality from lunchtime Saturday hence the caravan post! But we enjoyed it anyway....thanks :D xx

  4. WOW! They are amazing and you have put me to shame as I have been meaning to take part in the Dress for Africa for about a year now :(
    Your stash looks amazing and am sure Louise will be well impressed.
    Thanks for joining us again x x

  5. Well done you! I spoke to Louise about hosting a charity sew in too! Great idea for a social :-)

  6. What lovely dresses - well done you!!

  7. They are lovely, such gorgeous fabric!


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