Saturday, 28 July 2012

Celebrating our Wedding Anniversary

22nd July is a very Special Day for me & my Hubby as it is our Wedding Anniversary.

This was the delicious breakfast brought up to us by Teenage Daughter....

And there's a sneaky look at the stripey blanket I was working on back here still has a little way to go!

We should have been celebrating with a weekend away this year, that was back in early July, but unfortunately we lost our childcare and so our weekend turned out like this.

We couldn't go away for the weekend of our Anniversary as my very lovely Godfather, Alan, had kindly agreed to help us pave part of the front garden.  The aim was to provide Hubbys Mum (who we call Mammy) a surface that she can negotiate in her wheelchair or with her walking three-wheeler.

It was also going to provide a small area for us to put a bench so that we can sit out in the afternoons and evenings and watch Tiddly Toes play, the bench to be bought for us as an Anniversary present by Hubbys parents!

You might remember back here, we started to clear the garden.

But with all the rain we've had, we couldn't get out to do much more and the soil we disturbed just spawned a multitude of weeds!

BUT, when I returned home at 8.30pm on the Friday night I thought...I'll just do 30mins!

It'll be enough time to dismantle the mobility ramp, lift the slabs underneath and skim the soil off to a more level pitch!

1 hour later I had done more than I thought!  GREAT!

Uncle Alan came at 9am Saturday morning and just finished things off how he wanted them before we started.  We really cracked on and by lunch he had laid all the paving across the front of the house AND constructed a nice wide step!


After lunch we continued the path down the side of the drive and began the labourious task of 'pointing'....filling in the gaps!

There were two small areas that he he is at work....

Yesterday was a WonDerFullY sunny day, so, aided by my Fortnightly Crafty Friend, we made up the bench....

And here it is...........

I am exTREEEEMly proud of our joint efforts to achieve this.  It is going to be a fab place to sit (with a glass of something nice!) and watch Tiddly Toes play and the world go by!

That would normally have been my reveal....but I think you will agree that the next snap of it being 'Christened' by Tiddly Toes is worthy of the .....


Back with some more creativity soon!

Nora xx

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