Sunday, 18 December 2011

Six days to go!

Oh! Horror of horrors!  I awoke this morning and answered the cries of "What's the date?"  realising that tomorrow I am due to hand in a Scrapbook presentation to a funding body about a kids club that I run!

You know when you're collecting the comments, photos and drawings and putting together the ideas in your mind but don't start?  That's me!

So at 10am I started trimming photos, writing little pieces to explain the photos and my Twelveteen daughter produced A4 page titles for me.

We sat and placed, re-placed and decided on the layout.  I stuck down the basic positions and left her to decorate each page....and has she done me proud!

Take a look at this.....

Each title page looks like this.... and each page is decorated on a theme like this.....

about our fruit, vegetable and flower garden.  Or like this........

a lovely little hand-drawn trainer print representing fitness.

 My lovely husband kept the Tiny One amused most of the day and cooked dinner even though he's a little under the weather.  He had to pop out briefly during which time the Tiny One siezed her opportunity to 'steal' a foil covered chocolate from the tree and eat it!

When I asked her if she was ok?  Her sticky hand, still clutching a small piece of her treasure, dashed under the other armpit and she just grinned at me...she couldn't speak because she had her mouth full!

Everyone has headed up to bed and I'm left here in the peace and quiet to contemplate my day and share it with you.  And only six days to go!

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