Saturday, 17 December 2011

Seven Days to Go!

My children keep asking how many days to go....and what is the date so that they can go and raid the advent calendars!

Yes, seven days to go and today our family will be having Early Christmas with those we won't get to see on Christmas Day as they will have travelled to far flung places to be with my cousins or their partners in-laws.

SO this morning I made a list of To-Do's :: presents for Aunt & Uncle, food, Christmas cards, drinkies(!), toys...oh yes!  Presents for cousin, his wife and two children!!!  No, no presents for them....aaarrgghhh!

OK, calm....look at craft stash, think....light bulb moment!  Cousins wife a knitted phone cozy in Navy Blue & Pale Pink (containing tissues for the moment to pack it out!), and little embroidered heart decorations for the two children.  Cousin wouldn't appreciate anything from my Crafty he gets Lotto Tickets!

Beavered and organised and wrapped and wrote and finally my things to take were assembled and gifts made with an hour to spare!  Want to see do?  OK here is my Ta-Dah moment....

....a mobile phone cozy and..

.... felt decorations for the children.

 I'm a little embarassed to tell you - I was mighty proud of myself.  I admired them with a huge grin...the sort of knowing grin that is satisfied but knows how much work went into them!

So satisfied with my accomplishment off I went to my Family Christmas with seven days to go!

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