Monday, 7 September 2015

Summer Holiday - Day 18

Little Lady and I went to the Frozen Sing-along back in was one of her Christmas Presents along with the full Queen Elsa dressing up costume.

She knew we were going and counted down for weeks.

What she didn't know was that her totally bonkers Mummy had made a Princess Anna outfit!

This time she didn't even know we were going!

So she didn't suspect a thing when I suggested she don her Princess Anna costume (her present to herself from our trip to Disneyland Paris).

Until that was Daddy popped her into the car, I got in in my costume and we headed off the 10 minutes to our local theatre! 

Clackers ready, snowflakes ready, crown unfurled and ready for the coronation and grey balloon inflated and waiting for the troll moment!  If you've never been to a won't get this AT ALL!

Here we are in our seats, waiting for the start of the performance......

You get the words to the songs on the big screen, an Anna or Elsa to help you sing and in our case......snowflakes in August!.....

Here's a snap of us when we got home......what can I just had to be done!....

But it was a quick change as we were out for lunch at ASK Italian (Little Ladys choice, her favourite place to eat out!)

And here am I in my newly finished Cherry Dress from the Sew Mag Bette Dress pattern....TA-DAH!!!!

I hopped on-line to some forums about this dress and there were lots of discussions about how awful it was....too large....too long......I followed the pattern to the letter (1.5cm seam allowances), shortened it to fit me (by about 12cm) as advised in the instructions and hey presto....fits brilliantly!  It was a useful lesson to me in...Follow-the-Instructions!

The meal was lovely by the way!

We're off for the next few days, so I'll catch up with you very soon with another fun day out!

Until then, toodle-oo,


  1. Oh I love your Anna costume, it's brilliant! And the cherry dress is lovely too!

  2. Hey Nora hope you are well.

    Sol xxx


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