Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Hanging my head in shame...

And I have noticed that to be the theme on a few blogs lately......absence!

I really went for it back in May and June, hoping to catch up with myself and getting your encouragement and chatter along the way but, my fault entirely, good intentions fell by the wayside!  Again!

I have been busy, promise, that's the problem!  So busy I can't spare the time to pop in!

I've only managed this today as I've been in bed ill for the last 3 days and sitting typing is about all my body can cope with.  You know that stage don't you?  Your mind is bored but your body won't co-operate to DO anything!

So I thought I would catch you up with May, not the whole lot but just one lovely day which really lifted my spirits.

It started with a wonderful grocery delivery from Abel & Cole, just look at this.....

All wonderfully organic and tasty and delivered to my door weekly, each week is different and I sometimes look up to see what's coming so that I can plan and other times just wait for the surprise.

I then started baking and preparing for the arrival of a friend who wanted some help with a project or 2 and kindly thought I'd be the lady for the job, so I thought I would make things a bit special for her as she is a complete sweetie.

This is what she was greeted with when she arrived.....


...plus a pot of tea! To go with our VERY low fat cakes....I jest not!  They really are low fat, about 4g each to be exact...not bad eh?!

And my Grandmothers trio's; that's a cup, saucer and tea plate.

 Little candles for a comfy glow, some inspirational books,

 scrummy yarn, recognise it from here?

Yes, LOW FAT cake...AND low fat scones....about 3 grams of fat per scone and I serve them with half fat creme fraiche too!

 I'd really like to show you some achievements from our afternoon, but apart from the chatter, the only things we made were crumbs!

Back soon with a sewing afternoon that I'm not sure I've shown you yet.

Take very good care of yourself and I really hope I don't get waylaid for 3 months!


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