Saturday, 24 March 2012

Has Spring Sprung?

What a lovely day here in West really is beautiful, not a cloud in the sky.

I've been a bit quiet recently...plenty in the Making....but nothing I can share just yet for a couple of reasons....

1)  They are gifts!

2) Makes for a Wedding which must NOT be revealed (just yet!)

3)  I was in such a frenzy of creativity that I didn't take many any photos!

The first will be rectified when they are given, the second will be rectified when it has happened (3 weeks today!) and the third....well, I'll have to make the Make again and photograph it won't I?!  Haha!


I do have some things to share!

Since we last had a catch up, it has been Mothering Sunday here in the UK, so I thought I'd share a couple of my gifts with you.

Now, as you might remember (when I shared this), I'm not a great reader of 'books'.

However, I have loved watching Call the Midwife based on the memories of Jennifer Worth and bringing the hilarious Miranda Hart to an acting role in which she is brilliant! lovely crew bought me this......

And knowing my passion for crochet and knitting......this....

And my lovely Teenage Daughter made my card, look.......

Isn't it lovely?

Mothering Sunday wasn't the best weather in the world here, but since then it has been rather nice.

Very Spring-like.

Helped by the odd Spring-y Make by Tiddly Toes...... 

So Spring-y, it has been a Very Get-out-in-the-garden-and-do sort of few days!
And I have been.......doing that is.

Well, I had to really....look at these sorry specimens.....

And I am ashamed to tell you that ALL my pots look as sad and dishevelled as this!

BUT.....elsewhere in the garden, things have been Spring-ing into action.  A few days ago there was this sad bunch of sticks that has sprouted into this......

And my lovely clematis by the front door (which also looks like a sad collection of dead sticks!) is doing this......

Well Tiddly Toes and I cleared out the pot by the front door....look there it is with her little fork sticking out....

And today we went to but these......

And then I showed her this spotty, colourful delight (knowing that she wouldn't resist so it would be a good excuse to buy it 'coz I LOVE it!)  and she insisted that we buy it!!!  What a suprise!!!

Happy people all round!

So buying became planting......


......isn't that pretty!

And planting needs watering!

Then after the fun came the hard work!'s the before....See the bit in front of Teenage Daughter?

....and here's the after.....! 

All bushes, bulbs and weeds gone!

But look how much more there is to do!

So after the hard slog came the reward......sitting in the front garden (sporting my New Hair) crocheting a little something from the scraps I mentioned here!

(Please excuse the 'chewing' face!!  I think this is called 'Au Naturel'!!...

.....I'll tell you more about the Make when it gets it's Proper Unveiling (which could be some time!)....but here's a lovely, colourful, 'Work-in-my-Lap' shot to keep you going!)

WHILST.....watching Tiddly Toes play 'water' in a mini paddling pool with the bubble machine going!  Ahhh!  Bliss!!

So, that's the weekend so's hoping for more sunny weather tomorrow, then we'll see what the day brings!

Until the next time, may the sun shine on your face....xx


  1. You've been busy! I wonder if this is summer...? But anyway enjoy it while you can!

  2. I love your colourful planter! I need to go out and buy some pretty flowers, we need some colour in our garden. Looks like we've got a few more days of sunshine left down here, enjoy!


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