Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Yarn treat

My Mum is always stuck for ideas for me at birthday or Christmas time, the latter The Hubs and I usually get a nice bottle of wine and some German biscuits.  But for my birthday I get money.

This year I had spotted a rather lovely project in Simply Crochet issue 25.....

This poncho.....

Whilst I like the colours, I think they could make me look a bit crazy or like mutton dressed as lamb!! So I decided to take a look at the other colour options available.

In the same magazine was an offer from Wool Warehouse for a discount on their Drops Nepal yarn used in the project, so, along I popped to their website.

After a lot of deliberating over colour selection, I came up with this......

As grey and beige make me look grey or beige, I went for the only other mid tone there was...the blue green (second left).  I chose the other colours based on darks and lights of complimentary colours plus cream to lighten it up.

I thought I had ordered the main colour plus 2 balls of each colour, but as it turned out I only ordered one of the dark purple!

I couldn't find my 7mm hook so the cowl was made using a 6.5mm.....

I'm glad I did or the cowl would have been too floppy for my liking.  When I had to change down for the main body, I did stick with the 6 mm as recommended.

I have thought that I may not go for a fringe quite as long as the one pictured if at all, but I can't decide 'til I get there.

I also need to add  more rounds and think I may also turn the poncho sideways so that the points are on my arms and the front and back run straight across as I want it long enough to cover my arms. If I make it long enough for my arms and leave the points front and back, they will be down to my knees!

It also means that by turning it sideways, it will be like a cape and I can sew the arms together ( to make an underarm seam of sorts) which might give it more shape....again we'll see!

So here is progress so far.........

Just look at that granny stripe loveliness up close...........

The Simply Crochet Poncho has 15 rounds made with 9 balls (plus 9 more for  the main colour).  To make it longer I knew I would need more yarn, so....yes, I have ordered some more.

I shall keep you abreast of progress, until then happy hooking!


  1. Hello Nora. It's looking gorgeous. I may have had something similar in the early 70's. I have an urge to have another now. Funny that.

    1. Thanks! I had one in the 70s too! I remember the fringe flapping in the wind as I cycled on my purple chopper bike! Those were the days :)

  2. hello Nora, thanks for your comment on my blog, I have a feeling we have Surrey in common don't we? A good way to find more followers is to share your blogposts on Facebook, if you belong, that's what I do (I'm Joy Shallcross on FB if you would like to friend, and I can share your blogposts on my page too?)

  3. Beautiful! Have you got an update for us? Did you add fringe, and if so, what length? I'd love to see a photo of the finished article!

  4. Beautiful! Is this now complete? Would live to see a photo as I'm about to start this project. Did you decide to add fringe, and if so, what length was it?

  5. can you tell me where to find a copy of this pattern. love it but cannot find the magazine.


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