Saturday, 19 January 2013

Bringing Spring in....

.... can't wait for it to that seemed the ONLY solution to the
un-Christmas-y-fied bare lounge.

Whilst I was out and about in town I treated myself to a little bit of Spring.

They, yes, THEY were bought from a wonderful little market type stall that resides under the arches near a railway bridge...funny little place, but they sell great plants and flowers and eggs.

So here are my lovely Spring-y treats when I first bought them home.....

...a lovely bunch of daffodils and........

a pot of hyacinths.  So chuffed!
After I housework-ed the other day, I decided a sit down was in order and as I walked towards the sofa realised I had flowers either side and behind it...what a delight!


.... my poinsettia from my birthday (I haven't killed it yet!)
a lovely vase of those mini carnation things (sorry no idea what they are that's my best description!), and......
(not sure how the date and time appeared on these photos as
it's never done it before!  Little fiddling fingers methinks!)
...a smashing bunch of daffs...oh! and my super teapot for one with bucket sized cup of Earl Grey....................mmmmmmmmmmmm!
Sip and relax!
Unfortunately Spring-mania was short lived as yesterday this........
arrived...yes, snow!  And tomorrow there's supposed to be another 4 inches more (at least).  So expect some snow-y snaps in the next week or so.
A little craft update...I have finally decided on the fabrics for the Melman Quilt.  I have also run up a table den for the kids at our Out of School Club, so I'll show you that soon as well...PLUS!...I had a bit of a moment and decided to crochet a cupcake hat!  It went quite well and I'm happy, but I have discovered a few things along the way so I am now running up another for Tiddly Toes with a few modifications!
So, there we are.  If you're having a dose of the White Stuff, stay warm and eat your cupboards bare!  If not, the enjoy whatever you've got, craft on (and let me know what you're creating...PLEASE!) and keep well, until the next time,

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  1. GOrgeous! You can't beat a few little indoor snippets of early spring to brighten the place. My blue hyacinths are on the way out now (the fragrance has been intense!) and I've got pink ones following on. Completely normal of course!
    Much love


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